easy as 1-2-tea!


Take a long, shared love for tea and experimentation mixed with wanting to create a bit of fun, stir it all together and what do you have? T-sticks! Tea infusion sticks seen as an alternative to a tea bag rather than a direct replacement. The best part? Once finished infusing the flavour, simply stir, sip and savour using the same stick because they can be used as a teaspoon too! 

Strong Friendship = Strong Brand

For co-founders Ricky and Kim, STICK-ing by one another through the same nursery, primary school, high school, college and even University has meant they have many experiences together; tea drinking after school was the prominent one. The rich scents of cinnamon and ginger filling Ricky’s kitchen could only mean that his mum was stirring up the popular Indian Masala Chai that they would all drink and enjoy in the company of one another.

Having reminisced upon such nostalgic moments, it became a conversation between the two that sparked the idea of innovating a convenient product whilst keeping 100 percent of the flavoured blends locked in. With the founders having carefully perfected the blends of flavours themselves, the strong infusion in each stick equates to a real home feeling –  warmth, comfort and tranquillity. The perfect synergy – look no further than Sticksology.

21ˢᵗ Century tea bag

Designed to make life easier, simple and better, this is well suited to those with busy lifestyles – whether at home, the office or even travel – calling for a new experience in the world of tea making. You’re not just getting the great taste from the product, but really experiencing the “quick, easy, no mess” that is the core of the brand.

“We want people to think of innovation through quality, design and convenience when thinking of our brand.” Ricky Kothari (Co-founder)

Most importantly, the product reduces risk of cross contamination and infection spreading. Each type of blend and flavour aims to create many meaningful opportunities and experiences for its customers – connecting people and culture all in one.

An enhancement in package design to suit innovation following consumer feedback has gained our tea sticks the highest IFS certification number (98.5). The packaging itself is made from recycled aluminium sourced from foil while the vibrant colours represent each flavoured blend, allowing for an easy pick. Furthermore, perforations on the sticks means every quality loose leaf makes its way into your cup; they may be small sticks but we can guarantee only the biggest and best from our 10 delicious flavours. 

The Sticksology Range:

GREEN TEA: Jazzy Jasmine    Moroccan Minty     Zen Green and Lemon      

BLACK TEA: Breakfast Brew   The Earl’s Favourite   Royal Rose

FRUIT TEA: Fruity Forest   Perfectly Peach    Zesty Lemon

HERBAL TEA: Rockin’ Rooibos

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